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General profile
Pedigree name: Baal
Family name: Vlad
Date of birth: May 11th, 2005
Place of birth: Genoa
Height at the withers: 73 cm
Body length: 80 cm
Weight: 60,1 kg
Coat color: Light grey with white star on his forehead and white feet.
Coat lenght: 20 cm
N° of matings  2
N° of puppies  7

Baikal dei Cuori d'Acciaio

Baal's victories
International expo of Sanremo - EXC 1°+ BOB 2006/04/23
Insubria Winner expo - CAC + CACIB + BOB2006/12/09
International Expo of Milan - CAC + CACIB + BOB2007/01/28
National expo of Biella - CAC + BOB2007/02/11
International expo of Monaco - CAC + CACIB + BOB2007/04/13
International expo of Sanremo - CACIB + CAC + BOB2007/04/15
International expo of Turin - CACIB + CAC +BOB2007/06/04
International expo of Losanna- CAC + CACIB + BOB2007/10/20
International expo of Genoa - CAC + CACIB + BOB2007/11/17
Insubria winner Expo - CAC + CACIB + BOB2007/12/08
International expo of Milan - CACIB + CAC + BOB2008/01/26
International expo of Monaco - CACIB + CAC + BOB2008/04/05
National expo of Biella - ECC + BOB2011/02/06
International expo of Turin - CACIB2011/06/04
      If you'd like to see more photos of Baal, visit his album on our facebook page.

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