Blizzard dei Cuori d'Acciaio

It, Mc, Intch
Belaya Vorozheya Voland
PL, Intch
RuCh   Bolivar
RuCh   Gabriel Berendey Ai
Sarisin's Snezhnaya Taina
IT, Intch
IntCh   Sarisin's Demon Bikrey
EuW97   Debora Taurapilis
Masha Belyj Boyar PLCh   Belyj Boyar Ataman PLCh, IntCh   Belaya Vorozheya Voland
PLCh   Assol Lyutaya
PLCh   Carmen Savitas RuCh   Belyj Veter Makar
LTCh, RuCh,   Belosnezhka Savitas

General profile
Pedigree name: Blizzard dei Cuori D'Acciaio
Family name: Blizzy
Date of birth: March 6th, 2010
Place of birth: Allevamento dei Cuori D'acciaio, Vercelli, Italy
Height at the withers: //
Body length://
Weight: 45 kg
Coat color: All white
Coat lenght: 
N° of matings  //
N° of puppies  //

Baikal dei Cuori d'Acciaio

Blizzard's victories
Dracula Golden Trophy - CAC + CACIB2012/09/29
International expo of Targu Mures - CAC + CACIB2012/09/30
International expo of Ploiesti - CAC + CACIB2012/10/02
Bucharest winner expo - CAC + CACIB2012/10/04
Euro Dog Show Bucharest - CAC + Res CACIB2012/10/07
National expo of Desio - CAC2012/11/01
Insubria Winner - CAC + CACIB2012/11/03
International Expo of Sanremo - CAC + CACIB 2013/04/07
National Expo of Ravenna - CAC2013/04/25
Budapest Grand Prix CACIB show - CAC + ResCACIB2013/05/15
Karakan Club Show - CAC 2013/05/16
Euro Youzhak 2013 - EXC 4°2013/05/18
World dog Show 2013 - EXC 4°2013/05/19
International Expo of Vercelli - CAC + CACIB2013/07/06
International Expo of Turin - CAC + CACIB + BOB2013/07/07
National Expo of Monrealese - CAC2013/07/20
Eurodog Show Geneve - ResCAC2013/08/30
      If you'd like to see more photos of Blizzard, visit his album on our facebook page.

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