Taking care of an SRO

Having a dog in a family is always a big emotion: children find a good friend for their games, for adults it becomes a reliable presence during life and for the older people it can be a support in their age. Nevertheless, beyond the positive and funny side, raising a dog involves a lot of responsibilities that cannot be neglected. Adopting a puppy means binding to it, and caring about its growth and its needs, because a dog is a not self-sufficient living being, completely reliant on us and on our decisions. For this reason, the decision to introduce a dog into a new home should be thought over and well-considered, especially for breeds such as the SRO that require attention and experience more than others.

The following guides are designed to help those who are about to welcome and breed a dog: some of them are specific for this breed but, generally speaking, useful advices for every kind of dog can be found. In particular, "coat care" and "nutrition" are centered on the SRO while "health" and "other advices" are valid for any individual.

Coat care
Other advices


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