Coat Care

The South Russian Ovcharka, on the whole, is a very rustic dog. Its resistance to the various environmental conditions is due to its strong genetic basis (not vitiated by particular inherited diseases) and to its solid and sound constitution. Another important factor is, of course, the coat that, with its spinning dense and thick undercoat, protects the body from cold during winter and from heat during summer.

Although at first sight it could seem a very challenging coat, it actually does not require so much attention. To be kept healthy, in fact, it should not be brushed too often because, otherwise, the risk is to weaken it. Once a month is, in fact, more than enough. Giving them dry or normal baths may be useful in certain occasions, even if it is not strictly necessary. Another useful advise is to avoid shaving or clipping the dog because, in addiction to the risk of damaging the undercoat and the future growth of the normal coat, the typical softness and fluffiness of this breed can be lost. While reaching the normal lenght, in fact, the coat will grow stronger and shaggier and, because of this, less brushable and it can become more easily tangled up.

To begin...

The main rule during brushing is to always follow the direction of the hair . This means that it's better to prevent brushing in the wrong way. The reason is very simple and it is to respect the natural direction of the wool, while removing only the dead hair and preserving the new ones that, instead, are damaged by brushing in the wrong way. The arrows in the photo, indicate approximately the correct approach to the brushing.

To start with, the brusher needs to lift a wisp of coat and to brush in a top down direction (following the coat), as you can see in the pictures. The two photos are referring to the back but, just to be sure, you can see a complete demonstration of how to brush the whole body of a South Russian Ovcharka in the subtitled video that you can find at the bottom of this page.


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