Whenever you buy a dog, the best tips are always the breeder's ones because, thanks to his experience and familiarity with the breed, he definitely is the most suited person to answer your doubts. Apart from that, however, the literature to which you can refer is large and well-stocked, and thanks to some books, you can obtain valuable information to better understand your dog and to be able to handle it with more awareness. Below, you will find a short list of the books that have helped us in the early days of our business but always remember that for any doubt we are always available to give you our advice.
  • King Solomon's Ring, Konrad Lorenz, 1952.
  • Mit dem Hund auf du (Your dog and you), Eberhard Trumler, 1971.
  • Hunde ernst genommen, Eberhard Trumler, 1974.
  • Cabot-Caboche, Daniel Pennac, 1993.
  • How to Live with a Neurotic Dog, Stephen Baker, 1960.
  • I cani da Pastore dell'Est, Sergio Zavattaro, 1996.

Our friends
Balandis kennel. This is where our Bravo Bojana, Dear Dashkova and Dear Davydov comes from. A really good kennel in Vilnius.
This is the world biggest database of South Russian Ovcharkas. Here you can find pedigrees and photos of almost 2000 SROs.
Dog Breeders in EuropeThis is an other web database. It is in russian but it is updated with shows results and news about SROs.
Dog Breeders in EuropeThis is a big site in which you can find the best European breeders of all breeds. provides comprehensive, in-depth South Russian Ovtcharka dog information and covers over 700 dogs.

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