Our puppies are born from natural, unassisted childbirth (except in case of complications). Our female reproducers have never needed the intervention of the breeders who, however, stay with them until the end of their gestation. The puppies are immediately placed under infrared light to warm them and dry their coat, as they don’t have independent temperature control yet. As soon as the mother ends the birth, the cubs are entrusted to her care. Reaching the 19th day, the puppies acquire the senses of smell and hearing and, to get them used to the sounds and smells of men, the breeders teach them to suck from a finger covered with baby food and to recognize a special whistle so that they remember it and answer to it when they become adults. Reaching the 25th day, the age in which the puppies begin to eat besides sucking the milk from their mother, the real weaning begins, with long periods under the sun (to stimulate bone formation) and in contact with as many stimuli as possible. This is an important factor because the more external stimuli with which the puppy comes into contact in the first 6 months of life, the smarter and more responsive it will grow. The puppies stay in the kennel until they are around 75 days old, after which they can be sold to potential buyers.

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