The kennel cuori d'acciaio

The kennel was created in 1975 by three young men (Giampiero, Remo and Nello) who loved animals in general and, in particular, dogs. Sharing K. Lorenz and E. Trumler readings and getting to know their wonderful works on wild dogs, the three men were more interested in the study and the observation of what and how much of its previous wild nature had remained in the domestic dog rather than the commercial part of the kennel. Having a wide land (5000 square metre more or less), they bred twenty-five German Shepherds without fences or limitations, letting them live and autonomously organise, without human participation: they ate together, they played and quarreled, sometimes they fought and struggled to define, as in nature, the normal hierarchy in the pack. Only the matings were planned and, just sometimes, they helped the bitches during labour. The puppies, on the other hand, were let into the pack to observe the establishment of the normal dynamics with the adults.
In 1976, Allevamento dei Cuori D'Acciaio got the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) membership and, in the following years, obtained a lot of good results both in terms of money and fame: in 1980, in fact, it attended a lot of italian and foreign expos, always getting good rankings and prizes and becoming, in a few years, a prestigious kennel. In the 80s, nevertheless, Giampiero fell in love with the East shepherd dogs and, driven by that love at first sight, he decided to change and to trasform the kennel into a Hungarian Shepherd kennel and, in particular, he began to breed Puli and Komondor dogs. The first ones are small-sized dogs with the typical coat with tassels and cords. They attracted Giampiero because of their extraordinary cleverness and for their matchless courage (in spite of their small size). Komondors, on the other hand, are big-sized dogs with wavy and corded coat: they attracted Giampiero because of their excellent qualities as guardians plus, at the same time, a nice and funny look. In matings, the selection was strict and deeply studied and, thanks to this devotion to these two races, the kennel went through an exciting and tiring period, with a massive participation to expos both in Italy and abroad. The results paid Giampiero back for the efforts put in breeding his dogs and, approximately in ten years, he got:

  • 6 world beauty championships
  • 12 international beauty championships
  • 15 italian/french/romanian/etc beauty championships
  • Some EUROPA SIEGER (european championships)
  • 1 BUNDESSIEGER (german championship)
  • ... and a lot more.

Finally, in the beginning of the 90's, after long and unsuccessful researches, the kennel got the first South Russian ovcharka, chased for years and never found. Ivan (this was his name) struck Giampiero and his family with his possessiveness, his affection for them, his strong and dominant behaviour and his wonderful qualities as guardian of the house and the territory (in which, moreover, the SRO is inflexible). Despite the arrival of this new breed, in the half of the 90's, the kennel went through a stalmate because of work and health matters and Giampiero kept for himself just a couple of SROs, planning rare litters.
In spite of all, however, South Russian Ovcharkas still are in our hearts and not only. Six of them are now patrolling our house and our family, always remembering us why we chose them in the past.


The breeders

Sara Veggi 2010-2013